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  • In 1998, Film 4 asked me to present Fascination, one of the films in their Jean Rollin season. So I did. We filmed this in the Limelight Club in Charing Cross Road. I wore bright green contact lenses and black leather gloves.
    Jean Rollin (1938-2010) was a French film-maker whose speciality was erotic, surreal horror movies, often about vampires. His films include Lèvres de sang (Lips of Blood) and Le frisson des vampires (Redemption). Watch the video to find out more.
    There are no vampires in Fascination, alas. but my vampire novel Suckers is out as an e-book, and a snip at $3.99! Tell your friends. I have also written books on the Swedish vampire movie Let the Right One In and on the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also, you may be interested in this BBC daytime TV clip from 1993 in which Christopher Lee talks about vampires. The clip also features me, Anno Dracula author Kim Newman and Nik Fiend of the deathrock band Alien Sex Fiend.
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