THE BILLSON FILM DATABASE, an ebook comprising my reviews of more than 4000 films, is on sale at Smashwords, where it’s available in mobi (Kindle), epub (Sony reader, Calibre etc) and PDF formats. To be whisked as if by magic to, please click on the pic above.

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Here’s the blurb:

Anne Billson has collected short reviews of over 4000 films into one ebook. You won’t find reviews of every film ever made, or of the latest blockbuster, but you will have fun browsing (and perhaps disagreeing with) the personal and often unorthodox opinions of a widely published and respected film writer. Find out which films made her laugh, which made her cry, and which have cats in them!

And this is from the introduction:

This is my personal film database consisting of more than 4100 short film reviews. Most of these were written for the TV pages of the Sunday Telegraph between 2002 and the present day, though a few reviews from other publications have crept in too. Style, content and length of each review have been dictated by editorial requirements, space restrictions, print deadlines, changing layouts, and the vagaries of television scheduling, hence apparent eccentricities such as Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid getting twice as much space as Citizen Kane.

Since these reviews were written to tie in with broadcasts on British television, you will not find reviews of every film ever made. For the same reason, you won’t find reviews of the most recent releases. The reviews are not aimed at film buffs, but at the literate but non-specialist readership of a national newspaper – and read by all ages, hence the occasional gentle caution about language, sex or gore.

I have also (against my better judgement) introduced a star ratings system, as well as supplementary symbols denoting personal favourites, preposterous tosh, films that made me cry, soundtracks to which I am partial, and Major Cat Movies.

If you’re not already familiar with my film writing, here are some of the reviews people have posted on amazon and smashwords (NB: I am not related to any of these people, nor did I bribe them, though naturally I am now convinced they all have impeccable taste):

“A quite amazing, one-of-its-kind collection of brief, humorous and insightful film reviews by Anne Billson. Interesting views on films I’ve seen, and splendid introductions to films I haven’t. Entertaining, insightful, humorous and thoughtful reading, even if you’re not a film buff. Wholeheartedly recommended!”

“I found the Billson Film Database such a useful resource that I bought it twice! I have two phones (long story) so now I’m able to doubly enjoy these witty, pithy – even profound – mini film reviews. Recommended.”

“I’m a sucker for books like this – Maltin’s was my go to reference tome for years – and Anne Billson is one of my favourite film critics. The reviews are short, pithy, entertaining and singular. Billson’s voice comes through on each one and is never less than engaging. It’s a book to dip in and out of but be warned, once you dip in, it’s easy to lose yourself in finding out what the author thinks of some of your favourite and least favourite films. Simply put, this is great fun and a must for anyone with even a passing interest in film. There are reviews of over 4000 films and all for the princely sum of 99p. Where could you go wrong? Do yourself a favour and download this gem.”

“Simply put, Billson gets films and writes wonderfully well on what she sees at the cinema. She’s elegant, insightful, unfussy and open to all kinds of film. She’s brilliant but neither high brow or laden with theory and jargon. She’s on your side.”

“Really well written bite-sized reviews, reminded me of loads of films I always meant to watch but never got around to. Fantastic value for 99p.”

“An excellent resource”

“Absolutely first rate. comprehensive database from one of the best critics of her generation”

“Shrewd. Relevant. Correct. Entertaining. Always consult Billson. She has sharpness in eye, ear and tongue. Mostly agree with her, so she must be on the right track.”

“I recall getting Billson’s BFI volume on Carpenter’s The Thing. It was a damn good thing I was going to Ealing Broadway (end of the line) because I never looked up from the pages until I realised the train had stopped. Accessible, entertaining and insightful: while I may not always agree I find much to provoke further discussion and — you never know — maybe change my opinion.”

“Perfect to be able to carry Anne’s words around with me – she’s sharp and irreverent … challenging my own preconceptions has never be so much fun! Roll on collections from 2010 and 2011 … and on and on in pastures new. Buy, buy, buy!”

“Another volume of thought and snorts-of-laughter (not one of my most attractive qualities) provoking writing from Ms Billson. A 5-minute dip invariably lasts half an hour. More more more (how do I like it, how do I like it …)”

“Anne Billson is simply one of the best film critics around. No-one else has the same combination of knowledge, wit and style. If you’ve never read her before, this may well be the best 99 cents you’ll ever spend.”

A big thank you to everyone who has left a review.


More about my film writing:

Nicholas Lezard of the Guardian wrote a review of my 2009 book of film writing, Spoilers: “She’s on the ball, and funny with it.” Here’s a link to the full review.

Ian Freer in Empire magazine called my monograph on the Swedish vampire movie Let the Right One In, “a fun, stimulating exploration of a modern masterpiece.”

Mark Kermode, broadcaster and film critic of The Observer, very kindly named me as one of his favourite film critics.



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