On Friday 10th January I shall be taking part on a debate about Twilight and related phenomena at BFI Southbank. For more details, please click on the pic to be whisked to the BFI’s website.


“Do you love Twilight? Do you hate it? Why? This true cinematic phenomenon has taken over $3.3billion dollars globally, inspiring undying love among ‘Twihard’ fans, and almost universal savagery among critics. Share your views at this event which brings together a range of voices to explore the Twilight world and the issues it raises. Why does it take so long for genre films to gain critical respectability – as was the case for many of the films in the Gothic season? Why are romantic films and their (largely) female audiences consistently written off? Join us for the debate!”

“We’ll welcome a panel including film critic and writer Anne Billson (author of books on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Let the Right One In), academic Stacey Abbott (University of Roehampton, author of Celluloid Vampires) and Twilight superfan Emma Clark (a youtube celebrity as Nutty Madam). Rhidian Davis (BFI, organiser of the Gothic season) will chair.”


…which of course is a fib, because I also wrote this: NOTES ON THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2
And here is an opportunistic plug for my own, non-bestselling vampire novel, which was first published in 1993, and is nothing whatsoever like Twilight: SUCKERS: UPWARDLY MOBILE VAMPIRES ON THE RAMPAGE


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