These are photographs of the Paris skyline taken on a Canon Ixus between 2005 and 2013. Most were taken between 2005 and 2011, from my top-floor flats in Passage Thiéré and Rue des Boulets, both in the 11th arrondissements; several were taken in 2011 from the top of the south tower of Notre-Dame cathedral, where I was researching my story Paris When It Sizzles, in which zombies take over the French capital; one was taken in 2013 on an iPad from a hotel room in the 10th arrondissement.

One of the nice things about living in Paris is that you don’t get aeroplane noise – air traffic is prohibited above the city, which is very civilised. Exceptions include military aircraft, and civil aeroplanes flying above 2000 meters.

In fact, during the ten years I lived there the only time I ever saw or heard any aeroplanes was when they were taking part in the annual fly-by on the 14th July Fête Nationale. Inevitably on that date, it used to bucket down with rain all day (which made you feel sorry for all the poor sods taking part in the parade) but one year the weather was exceptionally fine, and so I took a lot of shots of aircraft from my flat (a couple of the better ones are posted here). I sent the pictures to my friend Angus, who with astonishing precision promptly identified the make, model and nationality of every single plane, no matter how tiny or blurred the outline.



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