P1050088 copy

Not long ago, when I was in Paris, I was walking through the 2nd arrondissement on my way to UGC Ciné-Cité at Les Halles when it began to bucket down with rain. I wasn’t in a rush, so I took refuge in Le Passage du Grand-Cerf, a beautiful covered passage where I had once bought a necklace from Eric et Lydie.

I wasn’t the only one taking shelter. The passage was thronged. I started off trying to take photographs of just the wrought iron structure and shop signs, but since it was impossible to do that without people walking in front of me, I gave up and just decided instead to include them in the frame.

P1050094 copy

P1050095 copy

P1050097 copy

P1050099 copy

P1050100 copy

P1050103 copy

P1050104 copy




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