The ultimate in vanity publishing! I recently gathered sixty years of snaps, mugshots and selfies and made them into a book to celebrate my sixtieth birthday – partly to show my friends how much one woman can change over the years, and partly because I just like making books.

Since the finished product is prohibitively expensive, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to buy it, but obsessed stalkers are welcome to click on the image above to be taken to my virtual bookstore, where they can put in an order (profit margins are tiny, but a single sale might just buy me a beer), while the rest of you might enjoy laughing, sneering or rolling your eyes at the sample photos.

I smoked a lot in the 1980s, by the way (we all did), hence the recurring cigarette motif.

Here’s a small taste:





  1. Too expensive for me, I fear, but it’s an interesting collection of selfies. Not the usual shallow vanity ones either. You’re prepared to reveal a lot more (maybe accidentally!) than most selfie takers are. Maybe I should publish a book of my avatars. Various cats I’ve served.

    • Yeah, I was hoping it would end up being about five quid. I think black & white printing is a lot cheaper – maybe I’ll do a book in black & white.

      And yes! I would definitely buy a book of your photographs of feline avatars. It’d dead easy – do it!

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