In an access of extreme procrastination, I started taking photographs of the chaos in my flat instead of tidying it up, which in itself was already a form of extreme procrastination since in any case I’m supposed to be working on a novel.

I suppose I should point out that nothing is where it should be – the shoes, for example, are nowhere near the designated shoe area (where all the pretty girly pointy-toed cha-cha heels are stored; I just haven’t been wearing them a lot recently).

None of these scenes were tidied up beforehand in search of a better composition or more impressive components, though I did remove a soiled Kleenex, which looked too sleazy even for me. I also attempted to retouch a small dust bunny – though only succeeded in making it look worse. On the plus side, I don’t suppose it will be noticed among the general pandemonium.



    • A very old Mac! Almost obsolete, in fact (even though it’s only 10 years old) BUT it can do things my much newer iMac can’t do, such as play all regions on VLC, read or transfer files from discs burned prior to a couple of years ago, and so on.

    • Lots more jewellery upstairs! (where I didn’t take pics). Wish I’d bought more of those black wooden busts for hanging necklaces on – the shop that was selling them kept such incomprehensible opening hours, and then it suddenly closed.

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