Lately, while watching Hammer horror films on the big screen, I have been surprised and delighted by the credits, sometimes spelt out in striking gothic typefaces, often in scarlet but also occasionally in fluorescent pinks and greens.

So, to amuse myself, I thought I would start taking screen grabs of them. This is the first batch – taken from DVDs (of varying quality) that I found around the house. But since this is only a small portion of Hammer’s output, I aim to be adding to them, and at some point might arrange them chronologically, or according to typeface, or according to featured creatures or characters.

In any case, this page is a work in progress.

HandsoftheRipper TheBridesofDracula TheCurseoftheWerewolf TheEvilofFrankenstein TwinsofEvil DraculaAD1972 FearintheNight FrankensteinCreatedWoman HorrorofDracula TheCurseofFrankenstein TheGorgon TheSatanicRitesofDracula TheVampireLovers ThePhantomoftheOperaVampireCircus DraculaPrinceofDarknessRasputintheMadMonkTheLegendofthe7GoldenVampiresNightCreaturesTheKissoftheVampire



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