cats on film test sat

What is a Catguffin? Which type of cat would be more likely to rip your throat out in a movie – a Catzilla or a Pussilla? What is the difference between a Catagonist and a Heropuss? And what exactly was Jones the cat getting up to while the crew of the Nostromo were trying not to get killed by the xenomorph in Alien?

All these questions and many others are answered in CATS ON FILM, the definitive work of feline film scholarship, in which critic and novelist Anne Billson explores the narrative functions of cats in one hundred films, and incidentally shows how they are much more varied and interesting than the narrative functions of dogs.

Read about the true nature of Harry Lime’s relationship to the kitten in The Third Man, and why the film should perhaps have been retitled The Third Cat. Find out which are the most upsetting Catrifices in the movies, and learn how the White Cat of Evil launched his career as Blofeld’s lapcat in the James Bond franchise.

CATS ON FILM. No cat-loving film fan can afford to be without it.

Now available in mobi (kindle), epub and PDF formats from smashwords.

Now available from

Now available from

Now available from

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and all the other amazons…

ETA: the paperback print edition of CATS ON FILM is now available from all the amazons, or directly from CreateSpace. It’s slightly more expensive than I would have liked, but it contains more pictures than the digital version, and would make a splendid gift for any cat-loving film fan.


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