sex witches

‘This is how it began, the tale of a decadent dynasty, the Evil Orchestra, and some of the strangest peccadillos known to man…’ This new translation of a legendary erotic novella brings out all the naughtiness, sensuality and surreal humour of an unforgettable vision of eccentric English sexuality that deserves to be ranked alongside the writings of Ronald Firbank, Anaïs Nin and Pauline Réage.

Little is known about ‘Musidora’, other than that her pseudonym was evidently chosen in homage to the body-stockinged star of Louis Feuillade’s silent serial Les Vampires. It has been rumoured, however, that she was a well-respected if somewhat controversial figure in the post-war Parisian literary scene, and that her many, many lovers included Man Ray, Josephine Baker and Boris Vian, as well as some Very Important Politicians.

For several years in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I wrote a serial called The Secret World of the Sex Witches, which was published in monthly episodes in The Erotic Review. My erotic writing role models were such venerable classics as Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, My Secret Life by ‘Walter’ and The Pearl, as well as comics such as Sweet Gwendoline and the extreme BDSM fantasies of Georges Pichard, whose work I first stumbled across, one sunny island holiday, translated into Greek.

I was also tickled, as it were, by the pseudonymity of writers such as Pauline Réage, whose The Story of O triggered four decades of media speculation as to the author’s real identity, and Vernon Sullivan, a pseudonym of Boris Vian, who pretended to be the translator of the fictitious American’s controversial and racially charged hard-boiled pulp novels such as J’irai cracher sur vos tombes (translated as I Spit On Your Grave – no relation to either the rape-revenge movie of the same name or its remake).

I was aiming to produce a story that would be arousing, but also well written, that could appeal to both men and women, be entertaining beyond its erotic remit, and which would have a proper plot while incorporating pretexts aplenty for the characters to have sex with each other, with themselves, and with whichever inanimate objects happened to be within reach. Since the story also includes incidences of non-consensual sex, rape and sexual slavery, I wanted it to bear no relation to life as we know it, while surfing from one absurd situation from another and maintaining a sort of integrity in its blend of genteel language, Victorian-style sexual slang and surrealism.

Whether or not I succeeded in these aims is up to you, the reader, to decide. The Secret World of the Sex Witches is now available as a novella, which can be downloaded for 99 cents from smashwords. If you can’t afford 99 cents, I have published a chapter under separate cover as The Riddle of the Zips, which can be downloaded free from smashwords.

Happy erotic reading!

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