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A reminder that the budget paperback version of CATS ON FILM is now available from all the evil amazons. It always bothered me that the full colour paperback was so expensive, even when I shaved my royalties right back. So at the end of 2018 I published a budget black and white version: £10.99 in pounds sterling, $12.99 in American dollars and around 12.83 euros in Europe (it might vary slightly from European country to European country, depending on amazonian exchange-related whim).

Each colour screengrab has been hand-treated and tonally adjusted so that it works in black and white, as opposed to printing out as a mushy grey splodge.

(The colour version of Cats on Film is still available, as is the kindle version. You can also buy kindle, epub and PDF versions from smashwords.)

Here is the budget paperback of Cats on Film at

And at



I guess it’s also possible to order Cats on Film from bookshops or libraries.

I used to self-publish via CreateSpace, but last year amazon merged this publishing arm with their Kindle Direct Publishing. In my opinion, the merger was rushed and not properly thought through, so the resulting experience was frustrating, not very pleasant, and I was not satisfied with the results.

If I can find a viable non-amazon POD publishing method I will use it – all suggestions welcome. (I’ve already tried Blurb and Lulu.)


“Possibly the greatest book ever” (Peter Hearn)

“This is not a niche book for a few sad shut in kitty owning film buffs. No, this is a funny alternative history of cinema told thru a feline lens. Alien, 3rd Man, Godfather etc. Purrfect.” (Adrian McKinty)

“original, diverse, intelligent, and multi-cultural” (Vanessa Morgan @ Celluloid Diaries)

“a smart, shrewd and at times laugh-out-loud study of cats in film and the various roles they’ve played throughout cinema history” (Kimberly Lindbergs @ FilmStruck)

“I found this book very hard to read. I had to keep putting it down to wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes… Just as it is impossible not to see a cat and not want to stroke it it is impossible to pick this book up and not read it from cover to cover” (R. T. Brown)

“A brilliant book that would be the perfect present for any cat loving film fan” (Shopaholic Housewife)

“Fantastic… The perfect book for cat lovers” (Tilla Löewenhausen)

Purrr-fectly Done… Cat lovers rejoice: the guidebook you didn’t even know you needed is here at last. Cats on film, the roles they play, and details you missed! Billson offers a cat’s eye view on your fave film moggies with her usual wit. Bonus: includes My Day by Jones, AKA Alien from the cat’s PoV. Fun!” (K. A. Laity)

“real hoot to read — great insights and erudite movie snark… a delightful and irreverent tour through world cinema from the standpoint of the cats who appear in it… a celebration of cats for what they naturally are in mainstream movies; At the same time, there’s more than enough obscure Japanese, European, animation and old genre movies described here to make the ardent film buff happy” (Robert Nagle)




  1. Just wanted to say – my sister got this for my birthday a few weeks ago. She knows that three things I love are cats, the cinema and the writing of Anne Billson. I read it back to front, immediately. Any possibility of a “Cats on Film 2”?

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