I spent much of December 2019 moving house from Brussels to Antwerp. As of writing, I am only halfway towards getting my books in order, but because everyone I know enjoys looking at people’s bookshelves, I started posting “shelfies” on social media. And now I’ve decided to repost them here, just for the record.


4 thoughts on “BRAND NEW SHELFIES

    • I don’t know Antwerp very well, but I walked to a cinema yesterday, and the centre of town was bustling, which I hadn’t been expecting on a Sunday afternoon. Lots of promising-looking bars to discover.

  1. Anne, I noticed some of your books are shelved with the spine title in the “wrong” orientation. I’m assuming you did this intentionally? It’s as though you shelve some titles in this manner for them to stand out (among the plethora of titles in the shelf) or were they printed as such?

    • Ha! I think nearly all the back-to-front titles are French, because the French are contrary bastards and print them that way. I guess I could have shelved them upside-down, but that would have been going too far.

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