My Favourite Films

Here are some of my favourite films. This is not a definitive list; it’s a work in progress. New titles and screengrabs will be added from time to time.


22 thoughts on “My Favourite Films

  1. Galaxy Quest – brilliant!

    That’s a terrific list. Loved your BFI book on The Thing. After all these years I still notice little details in Carpenter’s masterpiece (and I’m pretty convinced Childs has been infected at the end)

  2. You have impeccable taste madam, I’ve enjoyed every single film on the list
    Great to see 3 John Carpenter films in there. Have you seen “Prince of Darkness” recently? Although hoakey in places, It does hold up. It’s the most underrated of all his films

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  4. Since I ditched Twitter I’ve been missing daily dose of Billson downunder. Welcome to WordPress. 🙂

  5. PS: I forgot to mention the list: lovely and eclectic. I’m surprised that ‘Citizen Kane’ is absent but you have great taste in horror movies. A woman after my own heart. Er… not literally.

    • Why do so many people rate CK so highly? I mean it’s a good film but jeez does it go on a bit :-/

      • First time I saw CK (around age of 16) I thought it was OK, but wasn’t bowled over. Later I began to appreciate the screenplay, story structure and technique – all of which have been used so often by other film-makers since it was made that they don’t seem special any more. But as I get older, the story starts to grip me more on an emotional level – something about the choices you make in your life, the roads not travelled etc. I suspect that in another couple of decades it might end up being one of my favourite films.

  6. Great list – haven’t encountered anyone in the blogging world who has added Ugetsu as their favourite film, very impressed. And thank you for the Twitter follow, by the way!

  7. That settles it Anne. If I wasn’t already married I’d be down on one knee begging to marry you and your film taste. What Saturday nights we’d have. Sigh…

  8. Great list! Nice to see a few nods to Cronenberg there. I’m looking forward to watching A Matter of Life and Death – it’s on of Ian’s recommendations for the 101 Films podcast. Also nice to see Galaxy Quest up there! An underrated film.

  9. Hey Multiglom, Great List. I was checking out wordpress sites and got here. Check out my site for documentaries and films. It might be useful to you.

  10. Great list of which I’ve seen about 70%, so thanks for the remaining suggestions. Seeing Billion Dollar Brain pop up (w/ the ever so lovely Francoise Dorleac in the screen-grab) reminds me to check that one out ASAP: Caine, Dorleac, and a jobbing Ken Russell on his best behavior, I’ve been meaning to catch it for ages….

    • Billion Dollar Brain is my favourite Harry Palmer movie (though I do like The Ipcress File a lot) and quite insane. I especially like the opening credits (courtesy the great Maurice Binder).

  11. Harry Potter v. Harry Palmer: “button mushrooms, sir, you should try them for school dinner.”

  12. One still from The Conformist and I shamefully realise how much time I’ve wasted watching utter crap these past few years.

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